Compact Series Overview

PowerPhysics Compact Series amplifier systems are available in 1000 and 500 watt models, and provide all the electronics for a powered speaker:

  • One, Two or Three Amplifier Channels
  • Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Preamplifier

The Compact Series is a modular design. The power supply is mounted directly to the heat sink to provide the best cooling for the least efficient and therefore hottest component in the system. The amplifiers are mounted to the rear cover. Together these component form the core system.

Chassis plates can be mounted to each end of the heat sink to hold the preamplifier electronics and connectors. In the picture on the right a DSPn is mounted to the upper end plate and the AC power connector (Neutrik PowerCon) and switch are mounted in the lower end plate.

A drawing of the system shown on the right: pdf

Compact series are available in three input configurations:

  • Core - just the heat sink, power supply, amplifiers and rear cover
  • Direct - add an upper end plate chassis with XLR connectors for audio inputs and a lower end plate chassis with PowerCon AC input connector and switch
  • DSPn - the DSPn digital preamplifier mounted on the upper end plate and a lower end plate chassis with PowerCon AC input connector and switch

Compact Series Systems:

  • 1000 watt single channel
    • CA-1000-Core
    • CA-1000-Direct
    • CA-1000-DSPn
  • 1000 watt two channel
    • CBA-1000-Core
    • CBA-1000-Direct
    • CBA-1000-DSPn
  • 500 watt single channel
    • CA-500-Core
    • CA-500-Direct
    • CA-500-DSPn
  • 500 watt two channel 
    • CBA-500-Core
    • CBA-500-Direct
    • CBA-500-DSPn
  • 500 watt three channel
    • CTA-500-Core
    • CTA-500-Direct
    • CTA-500-DSPn