Automatic Test Equipment

Our new power supply test station is up and running in China. We designed the system in house using a mix of off-the-shelf and custom test equipment programmed with LabVIEW. One of the many improvements of this new system is that we receive test data in real time.


A-1214 and P-1350 in commercial mixer amplifier

The A-1214 and P-1350-140 are used in a commercial mixer amplifier. They are mounted in the C chassis without a top and it installs with just four nuts.



A-154 with custom power supply and preamp

The A-154 was designed to plug directly into a motherboard. In this design PowerPhysics built a custom motherboard with power supply and preamplifier.


A-414 with DC to DC Converter

This design needed two A-414 amplifiers to operate from a battery power. We selected a 24 to 48 volt DC to DC converter and built power interface PCBA to create the necessary housekeeping voltages. 


A-414 and R-400 in custom chassis

One of the advantages of working with PowerPhysics is that you can design your own chassis and not worry about changing footprints year to year that are common to consumer products. Customers eventually regret basing their designs on consumer automotive aftermarket amplifiers once they realize it starts never-ending redesign cycle.