Visiting PowerPhysics


  • John Wayne Orange County (SNA)
    • Closest domestic airport to PowerPhysics. 15 minute drive.
    • Lots of flights by Southwest and other airlines
    • Rental cars on site
    • If you are just visiting for the day we can meet you at the airport
    • Tip: if you are meeting a car at SNA use the upper level departure lot. It is much less crowded than the arriving flights lot.
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
    • Closest international airport to PowerPhysics. 45 to 90 minute drive depending on traffic.
    • Lots of flights
    • Rental cars on site
    • Tip: Try to arrive in the middle of the day or after 7:00 pm to avoid traffic.



Newport Beach is a resort town and just chock full of hotels. You can find everything from a place to spend the night to a place to spend your kids college fund in a weekend. If you are visiting in the winter off-season you can find some great rates at fun smaller places.

  • Ramada
    • One of hotels nearest PowerPhysics. 
    • Great for the one-night stay.
  • Balboa Inn
    • Beachfront hotel on Balboa Pennisula. 
    • Great in the off-season, remember to negotiate.