XLR Input


Single channel input with LED display for amplifier PCBAs. This input board converts from the 14 pin amplifier connector to an XLR female with standard pin convention. The board is a passive direct input; there is no gain, so the input sensitivity is the same as the amplifier: 3.5 Vrms for full power.

The XLR Input PCBA is included with PowerPhysics' evaluation kits to allow amplifier testing with common audio cables. It can also be used in products where a direct input is desired.


Use with: 


Key Features:

  • XLR Input Connector
  • Red Protect LED
  • Yellow Clip LED
  • Green Power LED


  • Via Breakout for Amplifier Temperature
  • Via Breakout Amplifier Current Monitor
  • Via Breakouts for Amplifier Audio Inputs 
  • Panel Mountable